Daily Dish: Is “Mum” Ad Sexist?, Facebook and Advertising, and Red Bull’s Rube Goldberg

To Ban or Not to Ban: Is Asda’s ‘Mum’ Ad Sexist?

By Shareen Pathak – Creativity Online

Asda Mum

British holiday ads are usually great. But not all of them are resulting in warm fuzzies this year. The Advertising Standards Authority is now investigating one ad, created by Saatchi & Saatchi for supermarket chain Asda, after it received hundreds of complains from viewers who saw the ad as being sexist. Read more and watch the ad…

Weigh in on the topic below.

Facebook’s Future In Content And Advertising

By Tomio Geron – Forbes

As Facebook grows as a public company, the company needs to balance its user experience with new methods of monetizing the service. Keeping users happy while walking this tightrope is the trick. Read more…

Face-to-face is still the preferred way to communicate with friends and family

Via Adweek


As much as we’re attached to our screens, we still prefer looking people in the eye when we communicate. According to a survey by Ipsos MediaCT’s Motion Picture Group of frequent social media users, 53 percent of people prefer to talk face-to-face when communicating with family. Check out the full chart…

And now you know…

Red Bull: Kluge, The Athlete Machine

Via Ads of the World

All we have to say is, Wow…

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