Daily Dish: Anthony Bourdain vs. Ad Integration, Hottest Media Properties, and Interactive Urinals

‘Fighting Mad’ Anthony Bourdain Trashes Travel Channel Over Ad Integration

By Jeanine Poggi – Ad Age

More and more people are fast-forwarding through traditional commercials, Mr. Bourdain noted in his “Fighting Mad” post. “For this reason,” he wrote, “there’s pressure from networks to ‘integrate’ products into the body of the actual shows whenever possible: to slip images of brands right into the action, or to transitions into commercials in such a way as to make the viewer think that it’s still the show they’re watching.” Read more…

The short list for the year’s hottest media properties

By Adweek

For several weeks, Adweek has polled readers, collected audience and advertising data, and otherwise gauged brand performance and relevance to arrive at this short list of the hottest media properties. Check us out in print, online and via our iPad edition on Dec. 3 for the unveiling of this year’s Hot List winners. Read more…

Urinals Paved With Gold: Captive Media Raises $700K For Its Interactive Washroom Tech

By Steve O’Hear – TechCrunch

Captive Media, the UK interactive washroom startup, has raised a $700K funding round to help roll out its product — a “pee controlled” media system (yes, you read that correctly) — across major venues, and to bring on board more big-brand advertisers from which it hopes to make the bulk of its revenue, long term. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: RPA

Acura Holiday Campaign

Acura’s “Season of Reason” campaign continues for a third consecutive year with a comprehensive campaign starring three instantly identifiable personalities: Dr. Phil McGraw, Suze Orman, as well as the legendary Santa Claus.

We agree with Santa on this one.

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