Daily Dish: Future of Advertising, Evian’s Melotweet, and Saatchi LA Good Day

I Saw The Future Of Advertising And It’s Pretty Awesome

By Rob Schwartz – Forbes


Last week I had the distinct privilege of judging the Tomorrow Awards, an advertising award show dedicated to showing the future of communications, today…Now, I cannot reveal what won. But I will share a few pieces that point the way to the future. So in no particular order here are some ideas that captured my imagination in terms of storytelling through technology, social, mobile, and yes, t-shirt. Read more…

Here’s our favorite:

Evian’s Melotweet App Turns Your Tweets Into a Musical Experience

By Todd Wasserman – Mashable

If you’ve ever felt that Twitter would be better with a soundtrack, then Evian’s Melotweet app is for you. Read more…

One Year Later, YouTube Pulling The Plug On 60% Of Its Original Content Channels

By Matt Burns – TechCrunch

By a show of hands, who regularly watches content from YouTube’s so-called channels? You know, the channels partly funded by YouTube with the goal to make YouTube more like traditional television. So hands up. No one? Yeah, that’s about right. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Saatchi LA

Saatchi LA Good Day

Saatchi LA Good Day

Good Day is a volunteer day, where everybody in the agency goes out and volunteers at different charities. Last week, Saatchi LA staff volunteered at 16 charities in LA and Orange Counties. Job duties varied from picking up trash at the beach, walking dogs and cleaning kennels, spreading mulch, cooking and distributing food to sick children, spending time with veterans and the elderly, to equestrian therapy.

See the tweets from the day…

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