Daily Dish: Instagram’s Profile Page, Netflix During Prime Time, and Pop-Up Agency

The Image Economy Cometh: Why Instagram’s New Profile Pages Are A Big Deal

By Samuel Rosen – MediaPost


At first glance, it seems like a relatively “lite” launch: similar to Facebook’s timeline release, you get a big image above your head (comprised of a composite of your photos), seven randomly selected recent images (sorry, no choice in the matter on this one), and a chronological display of your photos (like a Facebook timeline, you might even say).

But first glances are usually short, blurry, and hard to describe. So let’s take a second one.

Facebook Text-Only Posts Beating Photo And Link Posts On EdgeRank

By Kevin Mullett – AllFacebook

I know what you’re thinking: “Text-only posts won’t generate the engagement or shares that links and images do.” For the most part, I would agree, although we have seen more engagement on our best text posts than we have received on mediocre image posts. In other words, quality and creativity still rules the day.

Read more…

Study: Netflix Dominates Web Streaming During Prime Time

By Advertising Age

Netflix captured 33% of prime-time web viewing based on internet traffic in September, eclipsing Amazon.com, Hulu and Time Warner’s HBO Go by a multiple of at least 18, Sandvine Inc. said in its “Global Internet Phenomena Report” released Wednesday. Read more…

And now you know…

Is “The Pop Up Agency” popping up in your city?

By Erika Petersson – Hyper Island

Six Hyper Island students are now presenting The Pop Up Agency – a creative agency that pops up to work on a brief, challenge or project for a company or an organisation during 48 hours. Read more about the idea and meet one of the founders here.


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