Daily Dish: Big Brands’ Custom News Sites, Wal-Mart Pop-Up Toy Store, and Introducing Waze

Big Brands Are Pouring Money Into Their Own Custom News Sites

By Max Nisen – Business Insider


On top of their multi-million dollar advertising budgets, huge companies are now diving into an arena previously dominated by traditional media. They’re producing videos, releasing interviews with top executives, and providing unique looks inside their organization on their own specialized websites. Read more… 

Wal-Mart Introduces Virtual Pop-Up Toy Store

By Emma Hutchings – PSFK

Walmart Canada and Mattel have launched a virtual pop-up toy store in Toronto to make it easy and convenient for shoppers to buy gifts during an often rushed holiday season. Read more…

Waze Maps Out Native Ad Platform

By Tim Peterson – Adweek

As alluring to brick-and-mortar marketers as a consumer’s location is that consumer’s destination, particularly if a brand can influence that endpoint. Crowdsourced traffic app Waze—which maps out turn-by-turn driving directions for iPhone and Android users—is banking on the latter as it debuts its U.S. ad business today. Read more…

And now you know…

5 Funny Advertising Industry Parody Videos

By Saya Weissman – Digiday

We all know that the advertising industry likes to congratulate itself all of the time, but sometimes it needs to laugh at itself, too. Check out these five videos that poke fun at the jargon and general ridiculousness of the advertising world.

Here’s our favorite.

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