Daily Dish: Election 2012


Have you voted today? We have!

Since all eyes are on the election today, we thought we’d keep it light today at the Daily Dish.

Speaking of following the election…

21 Can’t-Miss Election Day Digital Resources

By Alex Kantrowitz – Forbes

In just a few hours the polls will close and a winner of the U.S. presidential election will (most likely) be declared. Voted Up has been keeping tabs on the digital element of the election so, for today, we decided to compile a list of the 21 best Election Day digital resources.  Read more…

From Chia to Cheetos, a roundup of brands’ campaign polls shows their consumers favor the President

By Creativity Online

Companies from JetBlue to Cincinnati’s Busken Bakery to Chia Pet are calling the election ahead of time. And in almost all the cases, President Obama is poised to serve a second term. Check out a handful of brands that have conducted their own unscientific polls about the presidential election. Read more…

And now you know…

6 Things You Won’t Believe Can Brainwash You On Election Day

By Cracked.com

When a politician tells us that he’ll stick to his beliefs when in office, we usually murmur something about corporate interests and “the fat cats in City Hall.” Well, it turns out that politicians are the ones who should be cynical about us. Science is finding that some pretty weird stuff can make us forget what we stand for on Election Day.  Read more…

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