Daily Dish: Predicting Twitter Trend, Brands Helping Out, and Native Ads

Algorithm Can Predict the Next Big Trend on Twitter 5 Hours Before It Happens

By Emma Hutchings – PSFK

twitter algorithm

A team from MIT has created an algorithm that is faster and more accurate than the social network’s own. Read more…

7 Brands Helping Out Post-Sandy

By Saya Weissman – Digiday

We already showed you brands trying to capitalize on Sandy– ugh — but some brands are doing the right thing and lending a helping hand to those in need because of Sandy. These are the kinds of things brands need to do, not promote “Sandy Sales.” Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: MediaBrix

Do Native Ads Work?

By Lucia Moses – Adweek

Their champions say ads that are disguised as content have higher click-through and engagement rates than intrusive banners because they’re contextual and have quality content. But a new survey due out today by Harris Interactive for MediaBrix, a social and mobile ad firm, says otherwise. Read more…

And now you know…

Behance: An Ode to Creative Work

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