Daily Dish: Disney-Lucasfilm Deal, Duracell’s Charging Station, and The Agency Product Myth

Why the Disney-Lucasfilm deal is priceless

By Tara Lachapelle and Christopher Palmeri – Washington Post

“We fully expect that by joining forces with Disney, Lucasfilm will succeed in ways far beyond anything the company has ever experienced,” Lynne Hale, a spokeswoman for Lucasfilm, wrote in an e-mail. “Disney affords us endless new opportunities.” Read more…

Meanwhile, at Disneyland…

Duracell Brings Charging Stations to Battery Park After Hurricane Sandy

By Jack Neff – Ad Age

Duracell power forward

When Bethel, Conn.-based Duracell brand rolled out its Power Forward Community Center two years ago and its Rapid Responder four-by-four truck more recently this year, little did it know the efforts would be needed so close to home. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member

The Agency Product Myth

By Mike Margolin, VP, interactive marketing director at RPA – Digiday

If you work at an agency and don’t regularly engage with startups, you should make that a priority. Take process ideas back to your shop and find ways to make the creative work you do better, faster and cheaper. You may even be inspired by their collaborative spirit and look for ways to get various departments working together a little better. At the Digiday event, one agency leader mentioned that his team holds monthly sessions at his office with new startups to hear new ideas and to dedicate themselves to sharing insights within their agency and with clients. That’s smart. Read more…

And now you know…

Possibly Best Airline Safety Video Ever Made

Air New Zealand FTW…

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