Daily Dish: Post-Sandy Social Media Review

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We probably have seen newsjacking at its worse in the past few days as brands moved in on the trending topic with mixed results.  Digiday takes a brief look at Duracell and Barney’s while Adweek calls out American Apparel and Gap as a flat-out fail.

On the general reach and impact of social media, Forbes reflects on the “truthiness” of what you read over Twitter during a disaster: “When disaster strikes, make sure to bring your sandbags of skepticism to Twitter to avoid getting duped.”  Buzzfeed also talks about how Sandy rumors get started and crushed almost immediately on Twitter: “Twitter’s capacity to spread false information is more than cancelled out by its savage self-correction.”

At the same token, Adweek also points out that some digital publishers were doing their best despite technical difficulties to disseminate good information with kudos to Gawker, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post.

“For publishers, digital platforms are giving media outlets unprecedented flexibility to cover and compete with legacy news. It’s something we’ve been seeing for a while, but never has it been demonstrated so clearly as with the coverage of this monumental storm.”

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