Daily Dish: Debunking Sandy, 10-year-old Takeover, and Old Spice Job Listing

Our thoughts are with our friends and families on the East Coast.  Since everyone is focusing on Hurricane Sandy, today’s Daily Dish will be on the lighter side.

Speaking of Sandy…

So now you know

Photos that are NOT of Hurricane Sandy

Not Sandy

There are a few photos being circulated around that are actually not of Hurricane Sandy. Some are fabricated. Some are real but just not of this storm. We’ve been helping our friends sort out the real ones from fake ones all morning so we thought we’d share some tips.

A short list on Mashable. A longer one on Buzzfeed.

You’re welcome.

Toronto Agency Celebrates Ten Years by Handing Creative Reins Over to 10-Year-Olds

By Kiran Aditham – Agency Spy

Grip Limited is celebrating its 10th birthday. To commemorate this milestone, we decided to let some other 10-year-olds try their hand at advertising. Grip Limited presents: The 10-year-old Takeover.

Perhaps we all should fear for our job security…

Wieden + Kennedy Seeks Help on Old Spice in Crazy, Epic Job Listing

By Tim Nudd – Adweek

Old Spice

On Monday, W+K posted a help-wanted ad on its website seeking a social strategist on the Old Spice account. Beginning today, the posting says, applicants will have a week to complete “one or more of the challenges listed below” and then create a “case study presentation deck outlining what you did and why it was effective.” Read more…

Steiff: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Via Ad of the World

We get all choked up over here in the office.

Halloween Countdown

Surf Spooky Waves

On October 27, surf and skate shop ZJ Boarding House hosted its “Surf Spooky Waves” contest in un-spooky-looking Santa Monica. Buzzfeed covers the event. Here are some of our favorites.

Surfing Hot Dog

Wonder Woman and Zombie

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