Daily Dish 10-25-12: Facebook Global Pages, Chinese Social Media, and Eventbrite Beyond Tickets

Facebook Studio: Announcing a New Pages Structure for Global Brands


Every month people from around the world engage with their favorite brands on Facebook. Today we’re excited to announce Global Pages, a new structure that provides the best, localized experiences for a brand’s customers, available to all brands working with Facebook. Read more…

5 Things You Need To Know About Chinese Social Media

By Henry Fong, CEO of Yodo1, a Beijing company that helps developers enter the China mobile gaming market. – Forbes

“China probably has more social media users than Facebook has in the entire world combined, but to many of my Western colleagues, the market still remains a mystery. It’s very large, they acknowledge, but why should it interest them as developers or investors?

When answering that kind of question, here’s five points I usually make…

Eventbrite Isn’t Just Selling Tickets, It’s Building A New Kind Of Social Platform

By Sarah Kessler – Fast Company

What if partygoers could automatically share Instagram photos? Or conference attendees could exchange LinkedIn requests without collecting cards? With Eventbrite’s API, we may be about to find out.  Read more…

Halloween Countdown

Gangnam Halloween

The perfect Gangnam mash-up for your Halloween party: Psy + Ghostbusters!

Also, folks at Edwards Landing Lights did it again.  Over 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation!

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