Daily Dish 10-23-12: 5 New Facebook Money Makers, Invisible QR codes, and Use Your Hands…Luke!

The 5 Big New Ways Facebook Laid The Groundwork For Making Money During Q3 2012

By Josh Constine – TechCrunch

You probably won’t see the revenue bump in Facebook’s earnings report today from all its new monetization schemes. But with this quarter’s rollout of Gifts, a mobile ad network, app install ads, FBX, and Sponsored Results, Facebook tried show the world that it has new engines to power profits. Earnings and share price may drag for a while longer, but here’s how they have the potential to kick into high gear eventually. Read more…

Fujitsu Developes Invisible QR codes made of light

By Allie Walker – PSFK

Instead of seeing a banner or icon on the screen, viewers’ phones would pick up extra beams of light to receive coupons and other offers from advertisers. Read more…

How it works:

thinkLA Corporate Member: Ignited

With My Own Two Hands

By Jordan Atlas, SVP/Executive Creative Director, Ignited – IHaveAnIdea

ownhandsartHey you. You behind that computer screen. Do you remember what it took and what it felt like to produce things with your own two hands?

Jordan Atlas got a reminder this week of just how good it feels, and just how effective it is, to dig in, rip it up and build something stronger. Read more…

Halloween Countdown

Zombie CPR

By Joanna Adams – Huffington Post

Zombies Teach CPR In New Awareness Video For Heart And Stroke Foundation Canada. Read more…

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