Daily Dish 10-18-12: Pinfluencer, Facebook Engagement, and Goodbye Printed Newsweek

Pinfluencer Brings Pinterest Contests to Brands’ Sites, Facebook Pages

By Tim Peterson – Adweek


Now, Pinfluencer wants to do the same for Pinterest. On Thursday, the Pinterest analytics firm was set to launch Pinterest Promotions. The idea is for brands to use the platform to set up contests and sweepstakes on Facebook or the brands’ own sites that tie in the social scrapbooking site. Read more…

Only 6% of Fans Engage With a Brand’s Facebook Page

By Seth Fiegerman – Mashable

On average, just 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via likes, comments, polls and other means, according to a study from Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer that works with brands and agencies. Of those fans that did, the average engagement was the equivalent of less than one like over the course of the eight weeks the study was conducted. Read more…

Advertising Jumps The Shark: Becomes Conduit For Content

By Joe Mandese – MediaPost

In a surprising twist for the advertising industry, the hottest new model being developed by digital ad platforms is flipping the historic model between advertising and content: Instead of editorial or entertainment content being a conduit to distribute advertising, advertising is becoming a means for distributing content. Read more…

Do you agree? Discuss below.

Newsweek to End Print Edition in Quest to Cut Losses

By Michael Learmonth – Ad Age

While that print battle has seemed quaint for some time now, it will end officially, or at least change as Newsweek prints for the last time on December 31. Editor Tina Brown and president Baba Shetty announced today that starting in 2013 there will be no print Newsweek, just a global digital edition that will publish to the web, e-readers, tablets and other devices. Read more…

And check out the 80 years of great Newsweek cover on Buzzfeed.


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