Daily Dish 10-15-12: Red Bull Stratos, Toyota Tundra Endeavor, and A Lesson in Brand Consistency

Red Bull Stratos

We talked about Red Bull Stratos space jump earlier last week.  Now that the jump happened, it’s time for a little follow up.

Red Bull Stratos Shatters Records—And Traditional Notions Of Marketing

By Teressa Iezzi – Fast Company / Co.Create

“I know the whole world is watching now,” said Felix Baumgartner, at the edge of space. They were–Red Bull Stratos set viewing records and marked another giant leap for a brand that’s setting the standard for content marketing. Read more…

And of course, even a space jump is made much better with LEGO. 😉  This charming short was created at Vienna’s ModelMaker Fair.

A Lesson in Brand Consistency

By Michael Weiss, Managing Director, figure18 – IHaveAnIdea

Who do you want your agency to be? Disneyland or the other park?  Drawing from his recent visit to Disneyland, Michael Weiss discuss agency’s relationship with it clients.  “We sometimes lose sight that we create long lasting interpersonal relationships with our clients. They trust us to have the knowledge and experience to deliver. How can you make sure this happens?”  Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Saatchi LA

Tundra Endeavor

Before Felix steps out on his space jump, another feat was being accomplished over in Los Angeles.  A stock half-ton Toyota Tundra tows 145-ton Space Shuttle Endeavour across LA’s 405 freeway as if it weighs nothing.

Our friends at Saatchi LA are behind this project. Good job, guys!

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