Daily Dish 10-10-12: Social TV Edition

In our special Social TV edition, we have two different views on what social TV should become. Which way do you think social TV will go? Read on and share your thoughts below.

social tv

Where Social TV Is Going Wrong — and How to Get It Right

By Jeff Schroer – Ad Age

Most social-TV aps are more interested in telling people what they should want than creating compelling experiences. People want meaningful engagements around TV content, not gimmicks meant to coax them into a desired behavior. And it had better be simple. Read more…

What real social TV will look like

By John Fung, cofounder and CEO of real-time big data processing company BrightContext – Venture Beat

For the past 80 years TV has been a one-way broadcast communication. But the promise of social TV is that the audience will engage with each other (and with advertisers and show producers). Television won’t remain a one-way medium….But social TV must move beyond Facebook and Twitter for two reasons. Read more…

And since we’re talking about social TV…

The most social TV commercial of the week goes to…

By Natan Edelsburg – Lost Remote

More details…

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