Daily Dish 10-9-12: Lexus CinePrint, Facebook “Freemiums”, and Digital is the Future

Is This The World’s Most Interactive Print Ad?

By Todd Wasserman – Mashable

As the release from Lexus notes, most traditionally “interactive” print ads direct users away from the page (think QR codes.) However, “CinePrint Technology flips that on its head, creating a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page with a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch.”  Read more…

What do you think?

Now That Facebook Is Charging Users, Why Not Offer These Paid Features?

By Kashmir Hill – Forbes

Last week, Facebook engineer Abhishek Doshi informed U.S. users that if they really want to make sure to spread their personal news on the network, they should consider paying to promote their posts…But why stop there? If Facebook is going the “freemium route,” there are many other services Facebook users would gladly pay for. Here’s a potential price list to consider…

Digital first isn’t an option for media — it’s the only way forward

By Mathew Ingram – Gigaom

As the traditional media industry continues to struggle with the disruption caused by the web, some sceptics argue that a “digital first” approach isn’t the answer — but the reality is that focusing on digital is the only hope the industry has. Read more…

So now you know…

We talked about Red Bull Stratos, the near-space jump, in yesterday’s Daily Dish. The mission was aborted this morning due to severe wind. This, after 5 hours of weather delay and other technical difficulties. Stay tuned.


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