Daily Dish 10-5-12: Dance for your Coca-Cola, KitchenAid Minimized Damage, and Luxury Brand for Millennials

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Makes Customers Dance For A Drink

By Karen Summerson – PSFK

A theater complex in Korea set up the machine and watched as customers became enthralled and showed off their best dance routines. Passer-by’s were invited to mimic dance moves that were shown on the screen and even those who weren’t great still got a prize.

How KitchenAid Minimized Its Twitter Damage

By Todd Wasserman – Mashable

An errant tweet by KitchenAid resulted in a short-term pr disaster, but the brand minimized the damage with a quick apology, according to one researcher. Simply Measured looked at @KitchenAidUSA interactions on Twitter at around 6:42 p.m. PST, the time of the tweet, and then eight minutes later when the brand issued its apology. Read more…

Luxury Brands Losing Next Generation of Customers

By Erik Sherman – Inc.

thinkLA - Inc - Luxury brandsA marketing study warns that traditional luxury branding strategies fail to woo Millennial shoppers. The problem is that the millennial generation is “skeptical” of luxury brands, according to Danziger’s latest report, Wealth Wave: The Millennials & Their Luxury Aspirations. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Socialtyze

Engaging Consumers and Voters on Social Media

Growth of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, significance of followers and fans, building short-term and long-term relationships, understanding the purchase consideration period, political campaigns slow to capitalize on social media, and how to decide what percentage of media spend should go online. Socialtyze Founder, John Bohan, shares his strategies on engaging voters through social media with Digital Politics Radio! Listen here…

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