Daily Dish 10-4-12: Thoughts on Facebook Commercial, Tumblr Ad Network, and Social Gifting

Reactions to the Facebook Commercial


Opinions abound about the new existential-ish commercial for Facebook like Lance Ulanoff of Mashable who thinks “The Facebook Commercial Is All Kinds of Wrong“, and Adweek’s Tim Nudd who thinks the ad is gorgeous yet he’s not impressed.  But you can hear the real story from Creativity Online’s Ann-Christine Diaz as she takes us “Behind Facebook’s Emotional Ad from Wieden & Kennedy.”

And for a completely different take, over at Business Insider, sharp eye Jim Edwards found “the Racial Stereotypes In Facebook’s Weird New ‘Chairs’ Ad.

Watch the ad and share your thought with us.

A Tumblr Ad Network? Why Not?

By Mike Shields – Adweek

Adweek - Tumblr

So where should the industry get all those brand dollars? There may well be an answer in another social platform. I saw something surprising, striking even, during another Advertising Week panel (it can happen!) deep in the bowels of Times Squares’ Dave and Busters. Digital ads that people seemed to love. Indeed, Tumblr, which has been in the ad business for about six months with just two products, may have done the impossible….The industry is looking for a better ad mousetrap; Tumblr could be a savior. Read more…

Social gifting startup Treater goes mobile with iPhone, Android apps

By Ki Mae Heussner – Gigaom

Social gifting startup Treater is moving to mobile with the Thursday launch of iPhone and Android apps. While it competes with Facebook Gifts and other startups, the company says it wants to encourage informal, impromptu giving, not necessarily gifts for formal occasions. Read more…

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