Daily Dish 10-03-12: StartCap, Online/TV “Involvement”, and Shelly Lazarus

Digital Bottle Cap Augurs The Internet Of Alcohol-Based Things

By: Meg Carter – Fast Company – Co.CreateStrongbow Start Cap

London-based Work Club’s latest project offers a chance to start an evening out on the town with friends with, quite literally, a bang. The digital agency’s new work for Strongbow Gold Cider is a digitally connected bottle cap called StartCap which when flipped becomes a trigger for something to happen–anything from automatically checking you into Foursquare to activating a spotlight or firing a glitter cannon. Read more…

Online ‘Involvement’ Propels TV Show Ratings

By Wayne Friedman – MediaPost

Looking for the real new TV show winners this season? Look no farther than judging “involvement.” General Sentiment, a social media researcher, says “involvement” measures online discussion, the tone of the discussion (positive or negative), and the sources of that discussion. For example, those sources include news sites, social and Twitter. Read more…

Shelly Lazarus: Being a Woman Helped

By Saya Weissman – Digiday

This was the first time industry vet and Ogilvy chairman emeritus Shelly Lazarus has spoken at Advertising Week. Lazarus spent her time onstage talking with Ogilvy CMO Lauren Crampsie about how she got into advertising, being a woman in advertising and how important it is to be curious and passionate if you want to be successful in the industry. Read more…

So now you know…

Hyundai: Don’t Tell

Our friend at Innocean sent us their newest work for Hyundai.  We understand the sentiment, so we thought we’d share.

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