Daily Dish 10-1-11: Microsoft and Advertising, Digital Campaign Fail, and Future of Ad Spending

Welcome to October! While it still feels like the middle of August here in LA, fall is upon us.  Pusheen the Cat captures the reason why we love this season.

thinkLA - Pusheen the Cat

And now, for your regularly scheduled news…

The Long Goodbye?

By Mike Shields – Adweek

Despite the missteps, Microsoft insists it’s still serious about advertising. The ad world has doubts.

…Within Microsoft, management emphatically denies any wish to exit advertising—though the online ad group lost $8 billion last fiscal year, for a company whose total revenue topped $73 billion. In fact, those in the Microsoft Advertising unit make the boldest of claims: With the launch of highly anticipated Windows 8 software (due Oct. 26), they maintain Microsoft will accomplish nothing less than a reinvention of computing, the Internet and the online ad business. Read more…

3 reasons why digital campaign ideas fail

By JT Anderson – iMediaConnection

Ubiquity has had many names: the “breakthrough,” the “Big Idea,” “Media Agnostic.” It has been associated with the notion that if we repeat a message or experience across all platforms, it will have a greater effect. In fact, ubiquity is something that just feels right. It feels so right that it can’t be wrong — right? And yet, we’ve witnessed countless cookie cutter executions over the years that pander to the lowest common denominator of what “the idea” is. On this road paved with good intentions, many mistakes are made. Here are three of the biggest.

Forecast: Internet will take more than a fifth of ad dollars by 2014

By Robert Andrews – PaidContent.org

The internet will attract 16 percent more advertising dollars through 2013, while newspapers and magazines will lose two percent of their ad money, according to ZenithOptimedia’s latest forecast. Read more…

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