Daily Dish 9-27-12: Kellogg’s London Tweetshop, Facebook Is Tracking Your Purchase, and AdJam!

In London, Kellogg’s Swaps Snacks for Tweets to #tweetshop

By Emma Hall – Ad Age Global

special-k-tweet-shopKellogg’s is bridging the gap between social currency and real-life money by letting customers at a central London pop-up store pay for Special K Cracker Crisps with a tweet. Allowing consumers to spend their social currency isn’t just a good promotional gimmick. It is a concrete illustration of the value that Twitter holds in the real world, as well as a demonstration of how our online and offline lives are merging. Read more…

Creepy or Cool?

Facebook Is Tracking What Users Buy In Stores To See Whether Its Ads Work

By Kashmir Hill – Forbes

The Financial Times reports that Facebook has come up with a way to tell whether users bought products in stores after seeing ads for them on the social network. To do this, Facebook has partnered with Colorado-based Datalogix…[who] is able to cross-reference its sales records with Facebook’s records of who’s seen a particular ad, and voila, one can surmise that the person who saw a Tide detergent ad went and bought that detergent at CVS because of the ad. It’s a nifty way for Facebook to be able to reassure worried advertisers that Facebook advertising is worthwhile. Read more…

Are you ready for thinkLA AdJam 2012? 

We’re too darn excited about tonight’s sold-out AdJam to do anything else!  Who do you think will take the Axe?   Let us know in the comment.

  • Returning Champion: D. Brü & his Lady Crew (RPA)
  • The Agency Formerly Known as EMG (Brighter)
  • Command Z (Midnight Oil Creative)
  • Hellvetica (Deutsch LA)
  • Del Amo (Saatchi LA)
  • The Ogiltones (Ogilvy & Mather)
  • BLITiZen Kane (BLITZ)
  • The Garage Band (The Garage / Team Mazda)
  • ysnake (ymarketing)

And this is pretty much what we expect out of the audience tonight.

\m/ \m/

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