Daily Dish 9-25-12: Twitter Insert, Brain Drain, and Movember

Insert in Print Edition of ‘EW’ Will Have a Live Twitter Feed

By Todd Wasserman – Mashable

Mashable - EW

Print magazines have been using LCD inserts with video since 2009, but the Oct. 5 edition of Entertainment Weekly is adding something new to the mix: A live Twitter feed. The magazine will sport an insert promoting the CW’s fall lineup. The small LCD screen will include video of the stars of the show and then a live feed from @CW_Network. Read more…

Agencies Fight Brain Drain

By Jack Marshall – Digiday

Agencies regularly bemoan how hard it is to attract talent in the face of competition from startups, tech companies, and their agency peers. But it’s no use being able to attract top staffers to your organization if you can’t figure out how to keep them. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Ignited

ECD: What’s the “E” Really Stand For?

By Troy Scarlott, SVP/ECD, Ignited – Ihaveanidea

I learned that the role of Executive Creative Director requires much more than just being the executive with the right to make the final creative decision. I learned that I need a new perspective on the very title, ECD. So grab some more Scrabble tiles, because to be a successful ECD today, it’s going to take a lot more “E’s.Read more…

So now you know…

Father-Son Mustaches to Sprout in ‘Movember’

By Gabriel Beltrone – Adweek

thinkLA - Adweek - Movember

Working with Melbourne, Australia-based creative shop Urchin, Movember is adopting a new motif this year, “Movember & Sons.” The goal is to ratchet up cross-generational discussion about the campaign’s causes because “Mo Bros,” as the campaign’s fundraiser participants are called, run the gamut from college kids to “40- to 50-year-old men,” said Movember co-founder and CEO Adam Garone, and organizers want them to have the “knowledge and the confidence and the reason” to have a discussion with their dad about their health. Read more…


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