Daily Dish 9-21-12: Facebook’s Hyper-Relevant Ads, Social Media for Auto Industry, and Success in MultiScreen World

Facebook Lets Businesses Plug In CRM Email Addresses To Target Customers With Hyper-Relevant Ads

By Josh Constine – TechCrunch

thinkLA - TechCrunch - Facebook Custom AudiencesNo one got just how powerful it was that Facebook recently said it would allow ad targeting to lists of email addresses. Today at the Dreamforce conference it became clear, as Facebook ad chief David Fischer formally launched “Custom Audience” ads and how they tie into CRM. I’m convinced they’re going to be hugely profitable for advertisers and Facebook. Read more…

Getting the Auto Industry Up to Speed on Social Media

By Michael Scissons – Ad Age

All three major social platforms — Facebook, Twitter and Linked In — have strong value for the automotive business, but driving success across all of them and across all layers of the organization and distribution networks requires workflow adaptation. We call this “social business transformation,” and it’s vital for social success. How can this transformation happen in the automotive sector? It breaks down into three key areas. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Phenomblue

Four Strategies to Succeed in a MultiScreen World

Phenomblue Summit

Phenomblue recaps Form Factor Rules panel with their president and CEO Joe Olsen at The MultiScreen Summit in Hollywood a few days ago. They also put together a guide on Four Strategies to Succeed in a MultiScreen World. Read more and download the guide…


Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Via Buzzfeed

Disagree? Continue your debate below.

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