Daily Dish 9-19-12: Cole Haan, Honda, and Pirates!

Cole Haan Takes Advertising to the Streets

The footwear brand has been seen running wild around New York City. Here are a couple of reports on what they are doing.

Cole Haan Sells New Pumps Out Of A Food Truck

By Karen Summerson – PSFK

The brand has posted billboards, painted security gates and more creatively, advertises social events, where they set up shop in a food truck to sell the pumps on the curb. Their campaign even includes drag queens who entertain, dancing or mingling with customers. Read more…

thinkLA - Digiday - Cole Haan

Cole Haan’s Hashtag Marketing

By Saya Weissman – Digiday

Shoe brand Cole Haan has been in the process of creating a fresh, younger, hipper image. Its latest campaign, “Don’t Go Home,” encourages young people to stay out late, dance all night, and, most importantly, to use the hashtag, #DontGoHome. Read more…

Consumers Distrust Advertising: Trad Media Fares Better Than Digital

By Wayne Friedman – MediaPost

Consumers don’t generally “trust” advertising — but in certain advertising platforms combinations those trust numbers get better. The worst results, Nielsen says, are from “text ads on mobile phones,” which have a 71% “Don’t Trust Much/At All” score. Online banner ads hit a 64% number, which is also the same untrustworthy number for “ads on search engine results.” Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: RPA

Ad of the Day: Honda: Surprising Monsters Calling Home

By Sam Thielman – Adweek

Good-deed advertising is frequently a hard sell, but this is an adorable spot from RPA for Honda, showing the automaker secretly booking very very indie band Monsters Calling Home on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a thank-you for filming their cool-o music videos entirely inside Hondas.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Thar Be Pirates Here!

Ter celebrate the glorrrious non-holiday of thar International Talk Like A Pirate day, the crew of thinkLA be thinkin’ yer need to re-live yer seafarin’ day on the Schmooze Cruise.  Feast yer eyes!

thinkLA - Schmooze Cruise 2012

Then yer better be singin’ the praise of the great Captain Jack Sparrow fer thar rest of thar day. (Salty language warning.)



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