Daily Dish 9-18-12: New look for Twitter, UK’s Creative Swap, and Four-Screen Ad Effectiveness Study

Twitter Redesigns Its Mobile UI, And Looks More Like Facebook

By Mark Wilson – Fast Company – Co.Design

New mobile apps from Twitter show that the company is bending toward the more visual web.  Read more…

thinkLA - Co.Design - Twitter New Design

Across the Pond

Creative Swap: Swap your creative skills for a week

Creative swap wants to engage creative agencies across the UK to connect and talk more openly, sharing ideas, processes, inspiration, knowledge and experience. It is a week long event where creative agencies in the UK swap one of their talented staff with a creative from another studio. It is free for all agencies with more than one employee across any of the creative fields; graphics, web, illustration, architecture, 3D, advertising etc. The swapping pairs are chosen randomly, giving you a great chance to learn from a discipline or skill set you may not have access to normally.

Check it out!

thinkLA Corporate Member: YuMe

First-of-Its-Kind, Four-Screen Ad Effectiveness Study Reveals Screen Size Matters, but Clutter and Other Variables Matter Even More

YuMe, the leading provider of digital brand advertising software and services, in conjunction with the IPG Media Lab, part of IPG Mediabrands, announced the results of the industry’s first ad effectiveness study measuring emotional response, attention, and self-reported unaided recall by users across all four screens — connected TV, linear TV, PCs, and smartphones. Findings show that while the size of the video screen did drive more excitement, variables such as ad clutter, creative content, and context had a much stronger influence on ad recall by viewers. Read more…

And now you know…

Toilet Paper Ads in a Bathroom Near You?

By Heesun Wee – CNBC

thinkLA - Ads on toilet paperJust when you thought you’d seen it all, brothers Jordan and Bryan Silverman have turned the male penchant for bathroom reading into a new business.

Their venture, Star Toilet Paper, places ads and coupons on toilet paper rolls. Read more…

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