Daily Dish 9-17-12: Adweek 50, Shazam, Square, and Hooray for beard!

thinkLA Corporate Member: Deutsch LA

The Adweek 50

By Tony Case – Adweek

fea-adweek-50-button-2012The Adweek 50 is not merely a tally of the highest ranking, highest profile, highest paid execs (hasn’t Mark Zuckerberg topped enough lists already?). Rather, here we give props to the muscle men and women, those who won’t necessarily make the cover of Forbes—and many of whom you may have never even heard of—but individuals who are, without question, indispensable to their organizations and key to keeping the wheels of the business spinning.

Congratulations to Bud Caddell of Deustch LA who is #41 on this list!

Check out the Adweek 50 here.

Shazam Already Helps You Discover Music, Now It Wants To Help You Discover TV Advertising

By Christina Chaey – Fast Company

Starting today, Shazam for TV will support more than 160 channels in the U.S. to 80 million viewers. Whether on cable, satellite, or broadcast over-the-air, you can Shazam any of your favorite shows (save for local programming) by opening up the app on your smartphone or tablet and hovering it at the “Shazam Now” icon on your TV screen. Read more…

Square goes big: raises $200M at $3.25B valuation

By Ryan Kim – GigaOm

Square is making it official: it has raised $200 million as part of its Series D round including $25 million from Starbucks. The money will help the company to grow as it fends off more challenges from competitors and tries to expand internationally. Read more…

Case of the Mondays Remedy

Got me a Beard

via Buzzfeed

We were just thinking of all the great beards in Los Angeles advertising scene. So we thought we’d pay a little tribute…

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