Daily Dish 9-14-12: Pinterest, Primetime Two-Screening, Danish Bus, and Who Stole Charlie Costello’s Shih Tzu?

Women Prefer Pinterest, Young Adults Choose Instagram [STUDY]

By Andrea Smith – Mashable

If you’re someone who likes to post original photos and videos online, there’s a name for you. You’re a creator, according to research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. “Creators,” who post photos and videos online that they made, make up 46% of Internet users. The 41% who gather videos they find elsewhere and post on image-sharing sites are called curators. Read more…

On the same study, over at MediaPost, Erik Sass poses a question, “Should Pinterest try to get more male users?”

What do you think?

For Tablet Owners: Prime Time Is A Two-Screen Experience Now

By Steve Smith – MediaPost

As soon as the habit of tablet use during TV prime time first emerged two years ago, marketers and TV programmers have wondered and debated whether this was a plus or a minus. Was TV a competing screen in the living room that dilutes the experience? Or was it a direct-response vehicle for both content and advertising on that “first screen?” Gfk MRI weighs in with research leaning to the latter rather than the former. Read more…

So now you know…

Seven Psychopaths Campaign Sics Woody Harrelson on Dognappers

*Foul language warning!*

Oh, and do call the number. Seriously. It’s awesome. Read more…


Midttraffik: The Bus

via Creativity Online

We suddenly feel a strong urge to get on a bus…

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