Daily Dish 9-13-12: NYC Soda Ban, Gangster’s Ride, Open Graph, and the 4 to 9ers

Soda Ban Enacted In New York

By Jessica Testa – BuzzFeed

The great New York City soda ban has finally happened. The sale of sodas and sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces is now prohibited across all five boroughs. Over the past few weeks, the Bloomberg Administration and the soda lobby have mounted a furious campaign war over the legislation. In retaliation, Mountain Dew and the New York Art Department teamed up to make a statement all over the city. Read/see more…

thinkLA - Mountain Dew strikes back

Uber offers free 1920′s “gangster” rides in HBO tie-in

By Jeff John Roberts – GigaOm

An upstart car service is offering Manhattan residents free rides in gangster-era automobiles in a novel promotional gambit for the TV show Boardwalk Empire. Read more…

Facebook’s Open Graph: 5 things marketers must know

By Brad Klaus – iMediaConnection

As social networks have evolved, so have the ways in which people share, consume, and discover information. The consumer has now become a brand’s most influential stakeholder, wielding the ability to influence friends and peers significantly more than advertisers. This shift in power has caused a corresponding transformation in social networks and how brands use them to engage with and market to consumers. Facebook’s Open Graph, for example, is a formidable force that is changing the way brands and consumers interact. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: Content & Co

Subway Clocks In with Original Webseries “The 4 To 9ers”

By Katie Marzullo – Young Hollywood

In addition to serving up those fresh, tasty subs, Subway has always been a loyal employer of teens and students looking to get their first taste of the working world….Now, the chain hopes to pay tribute to all those hard-working part-timers with a new webseries exclusively on Hulu, entitled, appropriately, “The 4 To 9ers”.

For this undertaking, Subway, with the cooperation of brand studio Content & Co., hired proved talent in TV writer/producer/directors Jamie Widdoes and Tim O’Donnell to bring the world of the teenage after-school job to life in a humorous yet relatable way. Read more…


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