Daily Dish 8-28-12: VMA, Mobile Search, Email Marketing, and Will.i.am on Mars

MTV, Twitter Look for Next Beyonce Baby Bump

By Mike Shields – AdWeek

Now with its live awards shows, including next week’s Video Music Awards, MTV is striving to engineer and cultivate those instances as quickly as humanly (and machine algorithmically) as possible. Read more…

Did Mobile Just Become The Backbone Of Search, Brands?

By Laurie Sullivan – MediaPost

Mobile apps have become the consumer-facing front end of companies on small devices that sit in the pockets and purses of millions of people. And if integrated correctly with search, they become the first step to a prosperous relationship between brands and consumers. Read more… 

thinkLA Corporate Member: PulsePoint

Email Marketing Ideas for 2013 – Check Out These Ideas To Improve Your Email Program For Next Year

By Shelly Alvarez – PulseConnect Buzz

As you look at your email program to make decisions on programs you would like to add, remove or enhance, we wanted to provide a checklist of possible projects you may want to consider. Read more…

And now you know…

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to blast Will.i.am song from surface of planet 

By Meena Hart Duerson – New York Daily News

Rapper Will.i.am’s newest tune, ‘Reach for the Stars,’ will make it’s Solar System premiere today when it becomes the first song to be be broadcast from from the surface of Mars, thanks NASA’s Curiosity rover. Read more…


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