Daily Dish 8-21-12: Bitcoins, Gift Economy, and Power Women

You Might Already Be Rich In The Newest Alternative Currency: Social

By Gee Chuang – Fast Company: Exist Daily

Bitcoins developed as an alternative to the international banking system, but a new form of financial interaction is taking shape on the world’s social network. What is the currency of reputation and good will worth? Read more…

Agencies Play Coy on Gifts

By Jack Marshall – Digiday

Agencies play down the effect the gift economy has on the digital advertising business. The incentives offered by vendors — jeans parties, gift cards, tickets to Yankees games, and weekends in the Hamptons — have little influence over media buyers, they say, because of strict policies dictating what they can and cannot accept. Read more…

Sara Blakely, Lena Dunham And The ‘Power Women’ To Watch In 2013

By Meghan Casserly – Forbes

Every August the new faces on FORBES Power Women list (this year there are 16 newcomers) reminds us that ours is no static ranking. The world’s most powerful femmes aren’t just a sorority of hard-working women who’ve elbowed their way up—and once they make it they do anything but rest on their laurels. No, power women are made and broken by a combination of determination, ingenuity and the unpredictable nature of world events. Read more…

thinkLA Corporate Member: MediaMind

MediaMind and OMD Team Up with Stand Up To Cancer to Raise Cancer Awareness 

MediaMind provides SU2C with ad serving technology pro bono to further reach and awareness. Read more…


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