Daily Dish: thinkLA is Moving, Twitter’s Political Index, Sneaky Olympics Creative, Consumer Complaints, and Corporate Member News

Our offices will be closed from Thursday, August 2, through Monday, August 6, as we relocate to our new digs in Culver City. Please update your address book accordingly.

3535 Hayden Avenue, Suite 300
Culver City, CA 90232
Main phone: (310) 876-0650

And now, on with the news.

Twitter’s New Political Index Proves Big Data Knows What You’re Thinking

By Mat Honan – Wired

Twitter launched a new service on Wednesday called the Twitter Political Index, or Twindex. By applying highly tuned algorithms to Twitter’s fire hose of data, the service offers a real-time look at voters’ moods, and scores which presidential candidate is trending up (and who is trending down) day to day. …read more

The Best Olympics Creative that Can’t Say ‘Olympics’

Ann-Christine Diaz – Creativity Online

You don’t need to be an official Olympics 2012 sponsor to ride the momentum of the games. In fact, some reports suggest that the right kind of creative–not necessarily sponsor status–is key to getting a huge audience for your brands during the world’s biggest sporting celebration. …read more

10 Biggest Consumer Complaints

By Ron Burley – Inc.

The auto industry may be rebounding financially, but automakers and dealers are still falling short in customer service, according to the latest report from the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators. …read more

thinkLA Corporate Member: RPA

RPA Announces Slate of Creative New Hires

RPA, the third-largest independent advertising agency in the U.S., has hired four key creative talents. Pete Figel and Alicia Dotter join the crew as creative directors, while John Starr will fill a new associate CD/design director role, and Mark Tripp will be the agency’s newest director and senior producer, content, specializing in social campaigns. …read more

thinkLA Corporate Member: Phenomblue

“Digital” is Dead (Duh, What That Really Means for You)

Today, effective experiences are defined by interaction and meaningful engagement. In response, a complex landscape of online, offline and hybrids have arisen, positioning their services and solutions with words like digital, traditional and integrated. Marketers can no longer rely on simply implementing trendy functionality and incorporating buzzwords though. As digital has lost its meaning, the future of advertising and marketing will be about what it has always been though—the interaction model. …read more


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