Daily Dish 7-31-12: Olympians’ Social Media Rebellion, Time Inc.’s New Chief, and Mobile and Teens/Tweens Trends

London 2012 Olympics: Athletes rebel at social media crackdown banning them from thanking sponsors

By Simon Freeman – London Evening Standard, UK

Olympic athletes today united in an online rebellion against a social media clampdown which bans them from posting pictures thanking their sponsors. Dozens of track and field athletes have hit out at Rule 40 – one of a string of strict guidelines set down by organisers to protect the Games from “ambush marketing” and ensure only official sponsors can be named.  …read more

Time Inc.’s New Chief Rethinks Magazines for a Digital Audience

By Amy Chozick – New York Times

Although her plans for Time Inc. are not yet completed, [Laura Lang, new CEO of Time Inc.,] said has homed in on the transition to mobile devices and the customizing of ads for marketers based on the vast amount of consumer data Time Inc. collects on readers. Her theory: if users’ personal information is a treasure trove for Silicon Valley businesses, it should be equally valuable to traditional media. …read more

Travel Advertising Rises On Mobile

By Mark Walsh – Media Post

With peak vacation season upon us, a new Millennial Media study takes a closer look at mobile advertising in the travel sector. Travel was the third-largest ad category on Millennial’s network through the first quarter in terms of spending, after telecom and finance. …read more

thinkLA Corporate Member: Adconion

2012 is the year of mobile advertising… What is going on?

By Ben Fox – The Makegood

It’s been the year of mobile at least 10 times in the last 10 years, so what makes 2012 the year that mobile advertising really takes hold? Ben Fox, from Adconion Media Group, shares nine metrics covering the technology, distribution, device and creative fronts to support his contention that this will be the year that marketers and brands embrace mobile marketing and kick the industry into high gear. …read more

thinkLA Corporate Member: Deutsch

Trend Report: Tweens and Teens

By Lisa Wong – Deutsch Blog

While most marketers home in on adults 18 – 54, planning for future demographic shifts is just as important as targeting current consumers. As Gen Ys become Gen Xers, and as boomers get older, the future of adults is determined by the 9-to-17-year-olds of today, better known as Tweens and Teens, or Tweens for short. …read more

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