Daily Dish 7-25-12: Judging Steve Jobs, Instagram’ing Retailer, and Next Level of Video Advertising

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Today on the Daily Dish:

The Story of Steve Jobs: An Inspiration or a Cautionary Tale?

By Ben Austen – Wired Magazine

Wired Steve Jobs

To some, [Steve] Jobs’ life has revealed the importance of sticking firmly to one’s vision and goals, no matter the psychic toll on employees or business associates. To others, Jobs serves as a cautionary tale, a man who changed the world but at the price of alienating almost everyone around him….For those who, like Jobs, have pledged to “put a dent in the universe,” his thorny life story has forced a reckoning. Is it really worth being like Steve? …read more

Fashion Retailer Integrates Instagram Onto Product Pages

By Lauren Indvik – Mashable

…To remind customers to upload photos of themselves, Free People will ship cards with the hashtag information attached to qualifying products. …read more

7 steps to take video to the next level 

By Ronnie Lavi – iMediaConnection

Ronnie Lavi is associate VP, marketing and strategic planning at MediaMind, a thinkLA corporate member, talks about what online marketers need to do to get the most out of video advertising. …read more


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