Daily Dish 7-23-12: The attacks on Facebook’s new metrics, iPad Cats, and art

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Today on the Daily Dish:

Facebook’s New Metrics Are Changing the Game for Marketers

By Dave Williams – Ad Week Digital

Although under the radar, the new conversion methodology is incredibly important for agencies and advertisers, as it will give them an entirely new way to measure the effectiveness of Facebook initiatives, and possibly eliminate a hyper-focus on outdated metrics such as Likes, CPM, CTR, and clicks… read more

Push Paws: “Game For Cats” iPad App Makers Stop Kitties From Buying Add-Ons

By Neal Ungerleider – Fast Company

After four-legged gamers racked up charges on their masters’ MasterCards, the makers of iPad apps for pets unleash new controls. Who’s LOLing now, cats?… read more

See a cat in action and you’ll understand why…

Deutsch LA’s Art Attack

Deustch is a thinkLA corporate member.

When you’re watching your video edits being done at Deutsch LA’s in-house editorial facility Mr. Ed Studios, you now have something else to look at it. Mr. Ed, in partnership with Giant Artists, is now the home to a major photography exhibit: its first round of “Art on Walls.” The exhibition shows off local artists. The once-bare white walls in and around Mr. Ed Studios are now lined with photographs ranging from celebrity portraits— including shots of Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler, and Danny Trejo—to more abstract work. … read more


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