Daily Dish 7-16-12: Genius Bars, Celebs Reborn, & Tools Galore

“It’s Monday… Monday… gotta get work done on Monday…”

We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

Trend: Shopper Coaching [Future Of Retail]

by Allie Walker – PSFK

In the analysis in our latest Future Of Retail Report, the PSFK Consulting team found that brands and retailers are enhancing product shopping and ownership by offering advice and coaching to customers, transforming traditional purchase experiences into an opportunity for education… read more

You’ll Need More Than Facebook To Smash The Wall Between You And Your Customers

by Aaron Shapiro – FastCompany

Twenty years after the Internet first went mainstream, most businesses have yet to take full advantage of the most fundamental opportunity it has created for them. Thanks to digital media, companies can create their own relationships with consumers at incredible scale–and they can use the data from these interactions to build better products, produce more effective marketing and, ultimately, make their customers happier… read more

11 Celebrities Who Reinvented Themselves With Social Media

by Christine Erickson – Mashable

Most celebrities live with the constant reminder that their claims to fame could expire at any time. For instance, as social media brings more Justin Biebers into the world, you may find yourself wondering, “What ever happened to that first guy…?” read more

4 Business Tools That Make Life Easier

by Janine Popick – Inc.

One awesome advantage about running a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area is that I hear about–and get to try out–many of the apps and software that are just entering the market. If the tool makes me more efficient or has real potential to help a small or midsize business, I’m all ears… view the video

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