Daily Dish 7-13-12: Cats, Cats, Pinterest, and Richard Branson

In celebration of Friday the 13th, here’s a creepy stalker kitty:

We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

Adopt a Black Cat for $13 This Friday the 13th

by Lauren Lloyd – LAist

While Friday the 13th is usually deemed one of the unluckiest days of the year, this Friday, July 13, could prove quite lucky for black cats and those in need of a furry feline companion… read more

New Data Shows Pinterest Users Look But Don’t Buy

by J.J. Colao – Forbes

In the kind of contradictory report usually reserved for dietary claims, recently released data suggests that Pinterest is surprisingly ineffective in driving people to buy things on the Internet… read more

Social TV: Commercials Are Just Really, Really Short Shows

by Simon Dumenco – Ad Age

From a social-TV perspective, shows and commercials are basically all programming.
That’s the suggestion of findings by our editorial partner Bluefin Labs, the Cambridge-Mass.-based social-TV analytics company, which tracks social-media response to both TV shows and the ads that appear during them… read more

Virgin Atlantic: Union Jack Square

With the Jubilee just gone and the Olympics coming up, it’s all about London at the moment. So Virgin Atlantic turned Union Square into ‘Union Jack Square’ by putting a Buckingham Palace Guard into a booth and indulging in the age-old pursuit of trying to make him laugh. Those who raised a smile won tickets to London… view the video

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