Daily Dish 7-12-12: Pixelmags, Pinterest marketing, & Oracle gets Involver

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Today on the Daily Dish:

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Pixelmags Takes a Unique Approach to Digitizing Magazines

by Nancy Mann Jackson – Entrepreneur

In 2009, smartphones had gained a solid hold on the mobile communications market. But one industry that had yet to catch up to the possibilities of the new technology was publishing. The few attempts to digitize magazine content for mobile platforms were crude, with pages that were difficult to navigate and not properly formatted for easy legibility. Two friends–Ryan Marquis, director of digital marketing at a Silicon Valley software company, and Mark Stubbs, founder of a London-based digital design consultancy–set out to develop a platform to change that… read more

Pinterest Marketing: Pinning With a Purpose

by Beth Hayden – Entrepreneur

If you don’t think about strategy before you dive into Pinterest marketing, your pinning efforts are very likely to be a giant waste of time… read more

Oracle Acquires Social Marketer Involver As Enterprise Giants Buy Rather Than Build For Tomorrow

by Josh Constine – TechCrunch

Old world online marketers must build, buy, or die, and Oracle has made its choice. Oracle just agreed to acquire Involver, only a month after the giant bought its competing social marketing platform Vitrue. Involver will be rolled into Oracle Cloud marketing suite, and the deal is expected to close over the summer… read more

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