Daily Dish 7-6-12: Twitter, more Twitter, America’s Heartland, & Fried Tweetbird

It’s Friday already?? Wasn’t it, like, 3 days ago?

We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

The rule of thirds in social media

by Amy Guth – Tribune Newspapers

To the uninitiated, Twitter in some ways, has made a bad name for itself. So much so, that sometimes the first path of resistance to joining it or other social networks is something along the lines of, “All people do is talk about what they had for lunch! Why should I be part of that?” …read more

How To Conduct A Successful Twitter Campaign c/o Bravo Television

by Olivia Roat – Business 2 Community

Bravo has created a social media campaign that has turned traditional television on its head by allowing viewers to transform from passive spectators into active contributors. Its campaign works: in April, the network witnessed the most-watched season premiere in network history, making it the #1 cable network among adults… read more

Social Media Farmer Style

by Frank Reed – Marketing Pilgrim

Enter the Peterson brothers; Greg, 21, Nathan, 18 and Kendal, 15 along with 11 year old Laura behind the camera and you get a video called “I’m Farming and I Grow It” which cleverly uses LMFAO’s hit “I’m Sexy and I Know It” to educate us regular food eaters about the life of a farmer… read more

And in celebration of National Fried Chicken Day today…

The Best Fried Chicken In America

from The Huffington Post/The Daily Meal

[I]n honor of National Fried Chicken Day, on Friday, July 6, here is a thoughtfully curated, comprehensive guide to the best fried chicken this country has to offer… read more


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