Daily Dish 7-3-12: LinkedIn ads, Google’s future, & apparently Spider-Man uses Bing…


We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

LinkedIn Testing Ads in iPad App

by Mark Walsh – MediaPost

LinkedIn has begun testing display ads in its recently introduced iPad app, marking the professional network’s first step toward monetizing its rapidly growing mobile audience… read more

6 Ways Google Can Secure its Social Future

by David Clarke – Mashable

Social media has radically transformed the way we search, buy, and consume content online. Facebook has not only taken advantage of this, it’s become the driving force behind the new social web. Google Wave, Google Buzz and Google+ were all Google Inc.’s way of trying to win this war against Facebook, but the company is still far behind… read more

Who’s headed to watch The Amazing Spider-Man this week? Keep an eye out… (or maybe you don’t have to look so hard…)

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Has a Not-So-Amazing Bing Product Placement

by Todd Wasserman – Mashable

“The Amazing Spiderman is set in an alternate universe where people use Bing to search the Internet,” quipped Chris Baker, a freelance ad agency exec… read more

Have a safe Fourth of July holiday!


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