Daily Dish for June 29, 2012

We love infographics… so how about a Daily Dish Infographic Friday?
We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

Managing Millennials: Why Gen Y Will Be Running the Country by 2020

from Stephanie Buck – Mashable

In just eight short years, 46% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of millennials. Whether you’re frightened or excited by the prospect, the fact remains that young adults born between 1976 and 2001 will be running this country…. read more

Cost and value of hotel marketing

by Kevin May – tnooz

So what happened to commissions and bookings when hotels saw online as a significant distribution channel? Does exposure on social networks make any major difference… read more

The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline

by Corey Eridon – Hubspot

Ever since people have had something to sell, we’ve been marketing. But the effectiveness of those marketing methods have waxed and waned over thousands of years, and as consumers and their technologies advanced at a more and more rapid pace, marketers have had to change their game… read more


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