Daily Dish for June 20, 2012

Today is the Summer Solstice… do you know what that means?  Another dose of Daily Dish!

We scour the Interwebs to bring you random happenings and news… so you don’t have to…
Today on the Daily Dish:

Brits love mobile social media more than Americans

by Zen Terrelonge – Mobile Entertainment

Mobile interaction firm tyntec claims two-thirds of the UK’s 16-24 year-olds use Facebook, Twitter et al via their mobile phones at least once each day, compared to just 37 per cent of Americans… read more

Great Companies Start With Why

by Tom Searcy – Inc.

Customers buy brands, not products. If you can’t articulate the reason for your company’s existence, you’re going to lose out. If you’re the head of your company, you have to be able to define not just what your company does, but why it does it… read more

Nike Twitter Campaign Banned in UK for Lack of Transparency

by Lauren Indvik – Mashable

Should athletes and entertainers be able to tweet endorsements for the brands that sponsor them without clearly labeling those posts as advertisements…? read more

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